Can You Develop COVID-19 Twice? Here’s What We Know

“There has been no exact statement made on the repetition of positive COVID patients by the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization lacks enough evidence to understand the reason behind reactivation after recovery. The Organization also states it might be connected with the functionality of each individual’s immune system.”

On Friday, April 10, South Korea was appreciated for its fast recovery and control of the COVID-19 patients. But recently, another test was conducted under the supervision of the Korean Centers for Disease Control, and it was officially announced 91 retested positive for the virus.

Earlier, in Guangdong (China), Osaka (Japan), and few more countries patients have been found positive after previously testing negative.

Though some officials in other countries such as the United States completely disagree with the statement of reactivation. They state, “The virus might have not fully been vanished or must be lingering around in the intestine leading to reactivate.”

“With regards to recovery and then re-infection, I believe we do not have the answers to that. That is an unknown,” Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of WHO’s emergencies program, stated at a press conference on Monday.

Source: CNBC

Dr. Benjamin Neuman, a virologist and biology department head at Texas A&M University-Texarkana believes the virus can be easily detected in the lower lung and intestine anywhere from a period of 2 weeks to a month. 

There are chances that the virus can become reactivated after a while due to stress or falling immune system strength level.

It might be connected with the functionality of each individual’s immune system.

There can be setbacks due to which the immune system might not work the way it should do while fighting the virus.

There can be various reasons responsible for the weakening of your immune systems such as smoking, alcohol, and poor nutrition which further help destroy the white blood cells in your body.

White blood cells are the key players that look out for microbes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi in your body and kill them. It plays a critical part in the innate immune system.

The immune system may differ from person to person. It might be possible a person gets recovered very fast while the other takes over 2 weeks due to a weak immune system.

Chances of repetition or reactivation of the virus are higher with older people who have weakened immune systems. But before coming to a solid conclusion more research needs to be done.

Thus, it is important to eat healthy and maintain strength. Check out how Vitamin C Protect You from COVID-19

More research and more tests are essential

It is necessary to get proper tests done before releasing a patient. As viruses linger longer in the intestinal area testing fecal matter will give doctors a clear idea of the current status of viruses in the body.

Working on more tests will help control the spread of the infection and allow certain areas to ease restriction on social distancing.

But to be clear, complete test and analysis are essential as reactivation can work as the second wave of the virus that could infect a larger group.

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