Ginger: Natural Home Remedy

Ginger is a flowering plant that belongs to the Zingiberaceae family, originated from China. Ginger comprises many nutrients and bioactive compounds that can be beneficial for a healthy body and brain, which is why it has also been used as a remedy in various forms of traditional/alternative medicine since ancient times.

In this post, we have listed some of the natural health benefits of ginger as a remedy.

  • For sore throat – Ginger increases immunity and keeps the infections away. Ginger tea with added honey helps soothing an inflamed throat. One can also chew a piece of fresh root ginger or add it to juices. The Bioactive compounds such as gingerols and shogaols found in Ginger help in reducing risks for sore throats. Keeping the throat moist helps in healing. Also, ginger eliminates toxins and boosts blood circulation.

  • For fever and headache – Blending ginger and tulsi leaves in your cup of tea not just relieves headache but also reduces the body temperature, thus providing relief from fever. Massaging ginger oil into the skin or hair roots can help relieve pain and headache. The oil can be easily found in pharmacies, grocery stores, or one can purchase online during the COVID pandemic. Remember not to add ginger oil directly to the skin. The oil must first be diluted before application to avoid skin irritation.

  • For removing phlegm – Ginger acts as an antioxidant too. Lemon added to a brewing cup of ginger tea helps in removing phlegm from our body. The remedy works in easing build-up congestion in the chest. Boil ginger with dried or fresh lemongrass to the boiling water temperature and drink the mixture or swallow dry ginger powder with one tablespoon of honey. The remedy is good for people suffering from flu, cold, and cough.

  • For joint pain – Ginger can be added to food or taken in powder form as its anti-inflammatory properties help ease joint pain. Its essential oil diluted with an equal amount of carrier oil (coconut or some other) must be rub on to the joint.

  • For menstrual cramps – Being anti-inflammatory, ginger helps reduce the inflammation in muscles (even those in the uterus), thus alleviating the chances of cramps. It is also known to relieve menstrual pain by promoting circulation in the pelvic region (that gets congested with increased fluids at the time of periods). Thus, a warm brewing cup of ginger might be soothing.

  • For relieving gas – The carminative power of ginger enables it to break down gas in the stomach to alleviate bloating and pain (due to excess gas). Chewing on some ginger or adding it to your food works miraculously.

  • For promoting digestion – Ginger awakens the tastebuds and gets the digestive juices flowing. Adding lime juice and salt to chopped/grated fresh ginger and chewing it before the meal helps kindle the digestive fire (jathragni). Ginger also works to recover your lost appetite.

  • For oral health – The analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-bacterial effects of Gingerol (a bioactive compound in fresh ginger) inhibit the growth of oral bacteria.

  • For improving concentration – Ginger is known to enhance cognitive performance and memory. Chewing on ginger candy, having a cup of ginger tea, or simply inhaling the aroma of its essential oil energizes the mind and also improves concentration.

For many people, ginger is one of the best natural elements to cure above listed health conditions. The natural ingredient can also boost your overall immunity. But, consult your doctor if you have any severe health problems or consume medication prescribed. Ginger is a safe home remedy, but it is vital to know how it will interact with any other medication you might be taking.

Also, keep a check on how your body responds after adding ginger to your regimen.

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